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Backpacking Tents

If you’re planning to go away from the noise and the smoke you find on a daily basis in the city, and you’re planning to go camping, then an important part of your backpack will be a lightweight backpacking tent. The last thing you need is a tent that weighs a ton and is almost impossible to set up. Until recently you would have a hard time finding a good lightweight backpacking tent, because there were none and you would have to either buy backpacking tent that weighs a lot and is very hard to carry or take some risks and face the eventual harsh weather conditions without a tent at all. Due to the 1960s revolutions in tent materials now we have a wide range of tent models and sizes. Quality improved a lot during the last few decades and the 1970s came with another revolution, this time in the tent’s design. In this period the geodesic design was invented, a famous design that is used even today. So, if you are a modern hiker, you have a wide range of options available that will help you choose the perfect tent for your needs.

Backpacking Tent

Firstly you must know what type of climatic conditions you will find in your trip, before buying a tent. This is also related with your hiker preferences: you can be an all season hiker, a three season, a two season or a summer hiker.  For summer camping a waterproof tent made from nylon with an A frame is more than enough. If you are a three-season hiker then this tent won’t suit your needs. In this case you need a much stronger backpacking tent. You can also choose a four season nylon backpacking tent.

Family Camping Tents

Traditional camping will never be complete without camping tents while you plan out to go with your family. Family camping has always been a favorite past time of a lot of people especially during summer. The tent is the most ideal form of shelter when camping. Of course, other forms of shelter are available such as a log cabin, a trailer van, or a motor home. However, the tent is very ideal since it can easily be assembled and disassembled. It can also protect campers from rain, and it can be carried around easily.

The family camping tents come in various sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, they can still be classified according to their characteristics. The following are the most common types or categories that people should know.

Family Tent

The first category consists of the avian tents. An avian tent uses one or two poles that are planted to the ground away from each other. The cover is spread out so that a specific piece of ground can be covered. The ground that will be covered will depend on the size of the cloth. The cloth is attached to the ground. Avian tents are practically used for light weather conditions. For example, if a camper does not plan to spend a night in the woods, this is the type that will suit him. It is enough to protect him from the heat of the sun.

The pyramid type uses a single central pole. The tent cover is spread out around that pole. The result I a pyramid-like shelter. It is not that stable and it is rarely used in camping. When it is used, only the baggage, and not the campers, will be housed inside it.

The traditional A-Frame tents feature two-legged frames. These frames are situated at the outer ends of the tent. With the cover, the A-frame type forms a triangular pocket. This type is probably the most traditional type of camping tent. Sometimes, people add ridgepoles and center hoops to make these things roomier. However, once new types have been invented, the A-frame camping tents slowly faded into the background. Nevertheless, these things are still ideal for individual campers and hikers. Since it focuses on length, it is ideal for tall individuals.

The hoop tents are very similar to the A-frame types. However, instead of using triangular frames, these things use curved hoops. Two to three hoops forms a tubular pocket which allows more space to be enjoyed. These things are surprisingly stronger than the others. They divide the pressure over the length of the various hoops. People who plan to camp in windy locations might want to consider the hooped type.

The wedge camping tents are very common. A wedge tent is characterized by two intersecting hoops. The four legs of these hoops establish the corners. This creates a square-like pocket over the ground. Since they are very easy to establish, a lot of people use these wedge types.

The dome family camping tents are also very popular. They are similar to wedge tents but they consist of three or more hoops. This increases the strength of the tent and could accommodate about four to six persons depending on the size. The only problem is that they are difficult to erect. The great thing about them is that they offer a lot of protection especially during inclement weathers.

As mentioned earlier, the categories above are only based on similar characteristics. There are still other types that do not fit in any of these categories. This is because they are hybrids of two or more types. The hybrids are created so that the strong positive qualities of a single type can be combined with the beneficial characteristics of another.

Where can a person purchase camping tents for your family? These things are usually available in sports stores. In those stores, people can ask for advice if they do not know which types to pick. Aside from sports stores, these things can also be purchased online. A lot of online websites offer great tents that people will enjoy while camping. All people have to do is to place their orders, and their tents will be sent to them right away. Those who are planning to go camping must definitely secure for themselves some good camping tents that will suit their needs.

Tents prices usually are around $150 to $350 but you will find tents that will cost over $900, depending on their sizes, the materials used or the type of frame.

Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress

This Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom air bed with built in pump is the ideal solution if you have guests staying or you need an air mattress for camping or to take away somewhere else while traveling.

Wenzel Air Mattress

This particular air mattress with the built in air pump inflates to the same height as a normal mattress you would use. This means that it is just as comfortable and easy to get on and off of it at all times. This is a queen size raised air mattress that includes an air pump for quick inflation and deflation.

Another feature of the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen air mattress is the grips on the underside of the base that prevent the bed from sliding all over the place when you sleep on it. A carry bag is included with this bed so you can easily transport around with you whenever you need to.

There are a huge amount of air mattress reviews for the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen size air bed. Most of these are extremely positive and customers love the price and the comfort you get if you purchase.

  • Queen-size air bed is same height as a regular mattress
  • Air pump is integrated and 120 volts, meaning you can inflate in about 90 seconds
  • Grips on underside of air bed prevent it from sliding across the floor when using
  • Carry bag is included for easy transportation

Most of the reviews (over 350) for the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen raised air bed are very positive. There are a large number of customers who seem very pleased with their purchase. One of the first things that appealed too many when it came to this air bed is the price. It is extremely reasonable and does the job required perfectly.  After that, many customers focused on the comfort factor for these air beds. It is very important to have comfort when sleeping and due to the height of the bed and construction of the Wenzel Insta Bed Queen Air Mattress this particular brand achieves just that, comfort at an affordable price.

Others were very impressed by how easy it was to blow up and use the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen air bed . With the included air pump you can simply inflate and deflate this air bed in no time at all. In fact, most customers who experienced this found that they could do this job in around two minutes or less in some cases. This is very appealing to many as you have a quick option if you need a temporary bed to sleep in.

Unfortunately, there were some reviews that were negative about this product. For some customers they were not in any way impressed by the quality and design. They found that the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen air bed was poorly constructed and developed bubbles in the mattress and eventually leaks as well. For these customers they would not recommend this to anyone due to these specific faults. They would have to constantly pump up the mattress to keep it inflated.

Despite some negative reviews, there is far more positive feedback than not when it comes to this Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen air mattress bed. If you are looking for a queen-size air bed for your home or while traveling then the  Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom air bed looks to be a great option and that is why we recommend it as one of the best camping air mattresses on the market.

Water Tubes

Aquaglide GT 6 Water Tube

GT 6 Water Tube

If you are looking for some serious fun this summer, then you have got to check out the Aquaglide GT 6 Water Tube.  It is a party on the water. They have really tested the limits with this one. Most tubes are great for single riders and some even feature the ability to have two and three riders but this one is different. You can have six riders at a time on this monster water tube.  Now that is a party on the water. You can fit the whole family on one ride and some close cousins as well. Talk about getting the family together.

There are so many great features on this water tube. Not only is it a towable but when you are not towing it doubles as a lounger with comfortable back rests. But wait the features do not stop there. It has a built in cooler and cup holders. Just tow it out to the center of the lake and you are ready for the party. It has a built in EVA rash guard that helps protect all of your sensitve areas.

This tube is built to last many seasons. At the center you will find a heavy duty 26 gauge PVC air bladder. The outside is made from a combination of  nylon and polyester for the best in style and strength. Here are some more great features.

Rapid Inflate valve
Quick Connect Towing attachment
Fullwrap cover

Hot Dog Inflatable Water Tube

Hot Dog Inflatable Water Tube

Look, out in the water! What is that? Is it a boat? Is it a kayak? Nope it is a giant inflatable hot dog water tube. This water tube is just fun to look at. It literally looks like a giant hot dog cruising in the wake. It is not for just one rider either. You can pile on three people at once. Hold the mustard please.  Everyone aboard will have a fun filled thrill ride and when the ride is over, they will only be wanting more.

This hot dog is built to last with a double stitched nylon cover and a sturdy thirty gauge PVC air bladder. There is no shortage of handles, so you will not have to worry about holding on. Each handle also features a soft neoprene knuckle guard to protect your fingers. It is equipped with a Boston Valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation. This Giant hot is over eight feet long once it is fully inflated. Watch out because here comes the giant hot dog!

Sportsstuff Super Mable Water Tube

Mable Water Tube

If you are looking for a water tube that allows more than one rider at a time, then the Sportsstuff Super Mable tube should fit the bill perfectly. Not only can one rider enjoy this awesome tube on their own but you can also fit two riders at once on this tube, but why stop there? Why not go for three riders at once? With the Super Mable you can do just that! It is fun and packed full of great features .

For comfort the tube deck has EVA pads, making it nice and soft. There is no shortage of handles either! All of the handles are double padded for comfort and easy to grip. They also all feature knuckle guards.

At the center you will find a heavy duty air bladder that has a patented speed safety valve for speedy inflation and deflation. It has a heavy duty full nylon cover and a reinforced tow system.

O’brien Super Screamer Water Tube

Screamer Water Tube

The O’brien super screamer water tube is the perfect tube to start your water tubing adventures with. Why did they choose the name super screamer? Is it because this tube glides effortlessly across the water at any speed or is it because the people riding it are always screaming for joy? Either way it is a fast and wild ride that will leave you wanting more.

It is perfect for one rider or two, and with two riders at once you have double the fun. At the heart of this water tube, you will find a thirty gauge PVC air bladder that can withstand the abuse. It is covered in a double stitched nylon cover. It has two neoprene pads on the top and six neoprene covered handles. This all makes for a very comfortable ride. It also has that handy quick connect tow attachment and two pull straps.

It’s low profile design makes it skim across the surface of the water with ease.  This water tube will make a great addition to your ski tube collection or it will make the perfect gift for anyone thinking about boat tubing.

Heavy Duty Tow Harness

Tow Harness

The final piece to the puzzle. Hopefully you already have a water tube, an electric air pump and a tow rope. Now you are going to need a heavy duty tow harness. This is the final piece that connects your tow rope to the transom on the boat.  Hookup is pretty simple too!

This heavy duty tow rope is the one you need. It is loaded with features and it comes at a cost that will not break the bank. It comes with extra large heavy duty hooks for hooking to the transom. These hooks make it easy to hook-up to any boat, even the wide pontoon boats. It is made for towing skiers and tubes that can hold up to four people at once. That is very important because if you use an under rated tow rope then you are asking for nothing but problems.  Once it is hooked onto the stern, just attach your tow rope to the handy qwik connect. It has a small piece of foam attached to it so it will always be afloat and away from the prop.